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"Electrifying, experimental jazz"

 JAZZthing, Rolf Thomas

With atmospheres condensed, ecstatic, and sensual, the Sheen Trio makes music reminiscent of a dark honey. The trio permeates a strong, yet delicate and nuanced honeycomb of jazz, rock and experimental music enriched with musical influences from clarinetist Shabnam Parvaresh's homeland, Iran. Parvaresh began her musical career in her home city with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, after which she came to Germany to study jazz clarinet in 2014. The Sheen Trio was founded five years later, when her many musical influences began to cross-pollinate. The trio's sound is a musical migration, the players exploring new places with both reflective serenity and impulsive excitement. Joined by Ula Martyn-Ellis on guitar and Philipp Buck on drums, playful many-layered compositions emerge as a lattice upon which Shabnam Parvaresh's personal stories can be told; stories of catastrophic Internet connections in the '90s, cryptic childhood memories, and freedom-fighting in Iran.

The name "Sheen Trio" refers to the "Sheen" the sixteenth letter of the Persian alphabet. The name of the band leader Shabnam Parvaresh begins with a "Sheen".



Shabnam Parvaresh: Bass Clarinet, Flute, FX, Composition

Ula Martyn-Ellis: Guitar

Philipp Buck: Drums


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Presse Text Deutsch

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